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NECTO Playlist 1/03/05

This is not the full list as someone ripped the paper to I assume get a phone number BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assimilate – Skinny Puppy
Welcome to Paradise – Front 242
Corporate Slave – Snog
Psycoburbia – Dance or Die
Conflict – The Azoic (negative format remix)
Today is the Day – Ivory Frequency
Story of our lives – The Echoing Green (echo Image mix)
Rollergirl – Apoptygma Berzerk
Tension – Covenant
Folge Mir lis licht – Melotron
Access and Amplify – Icon of Coil
Saviour – VNV
Deleted Scenes –Parallel Project
Ground – Assemblage 23
Gamen –Garmarna
Emerge – Fisherspooner
Sweet – Switchblade Symphony (apop mix)
Velocity – Neurotic Fish
Shelter – Icon of Coil
Hurt – SITD
*Lovekiller – Blutengel
Electrocution – E craft
*Forgotten tears – Hoccico
*Forever – Bruderscaft (club)
Merging Oceans – Rotersand
Unicorn – Apoptygam Berzerk
Dead enough for Jinx – Icon O coil
Call the ships to Jinx – Covenant
Wohin – Melotron
My world – Colony 5
Another World – Beborn Beton
Goddess in Motion – Pulsestate
Cold – Electrophile
Steelrose - Project Pitchfork
Wolfen – Enonime
Panzermench – And One
Du hast – Ramstien
Godlike – KMFDM
Admire the Question – Out Out
Warlock – Skinny Puppy
Wish – NIN
Oh My Goth – Razed in Black
Annie would I lie to you – Iris
Orbit - Wideband Network
Floating – Seabound Feat Pride and Fall
They are coming to take me away - Neurotic Fish

Thanks to all who made it last night. I had a blast see you all at VNV on Wed.
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