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Netco Playlist

Playlist for Factory at the Necto 1/17/05 This week 1/24/05 DJ Pulsestate will be playing a fantastic set from 11 - 1 a.m. NEXT WEEK 1/31/05 DJ COPPERTOP 12- 2a.m. If you have never been to a live set I cannot stress enough how much you need to come out in 2 weeks. One of the most Talented DJ's out there no question.

Corporate slave – Snog
Psycoburbia – Dance or Die
Adrenalin Rush – Leatherstrip
Smothered Hope – Skinny Puppy
Electrocution – E Craft
Today is the Day – Ivory Frequency
Rollergirl – Apoptygma Berzerk
Folge Mir Ins Lict – Melotron
Access and Amplify – Icon of Coil
Saviour – VNV (VOX)
Deleted Scenes – Parallel Project
True Life – Lights of Euphoria
Sparrows and Nightingales _ Wolfshiem
Oh My Goth – RIB (trance)
Another World – Beborn Beton
Let Me Be Your Armour – Assmeblage 23
Beloved – VNV
My World - Colony 5
Tension – Covenant
Velocity – Neurotic Fish
Annie Would I Lie to You – Iris
Unicorn – Apoptygma Berzerk
Dead Enough for Life – Icon of Coil
Call the Ships to Port – Covenant
Hooked – Seabound
Consequence – Parallel Project (feat. Kristy Venrick/Azoic)
Gamen – Garmarna
Sweet – Switchblade Synphony (apop mix)
Panzermench – And One
Das Omen – Enomine
Forgotten Tears – Hoccico
Hurt – SITD
Wohin – Melotron
Forever - Brudershaft
Let The Wind Erase Me – Asemeblage 23
TimeKiller – Project Pitchfork (vnv mix)
Shelter – Icon of Coil
Deep Red – Apoptygma Berzerk
Prostitute – Neurotic Fish
Honour – VNV (FDR Version)
Emerge – Fisherspooner
Floating – Seabound feat Pride and Fall
Magic Dance - David Bowie
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