Daniel (die_puny_human) wrote in nightclubbers,

About Last Night

First let me say say THANK YOU to Saint. Who victorious in his epic battle with the flu played a great set last night.
Next week I will have done the Necto for 9 Month's. In that period of time I have been extremely fortunate to have the privilege to play music I love on an incredible sound system for both friends and strangers. I want to take this moment and express my tremendous gratitude, to everyone who has came out over these last 9 month's. Even if you have only beeen there once I want to say thank you. It humbles me every week when I see how many of you drive to Ann Arbor on a Monday night to share this with me. You are all the only reason why I am living a dream of playing in the first club I ever attended.

Other than Joh Pohl I am having no Guest DJ's from this week through April. I want to take the next month to 5 weeks to focus on new music and to play more requests for those brave souls that drive to A2. I will also in the first week of April have a mix cd guarantied for everyone who walks through the door and probably enough to last the month or longer. I will post last night's set later today. See you all this Monday. If you have not been in a while please come back. If you have been there lately please stop by the booth you are always welcome.
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